Real Life CASA Superheroes on a Mission

Real Life CASA Superheroes on a Mission

Captain America and the gang

Captain America beaming with pride for CASA


Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Captain America and raising awareness for CASA for Children all in one event. Too good to be true, right? Au contraire. This past April, a Superhero Race organized by Voices for CASA children, was held to do just that. Voices for CASA is a nonprofit organization that’s driven by volunteers that help bring awareness not only to CASA’s efforts to give all children a safe and caring environment but also to those who dedicate themselves to the cause, the court appointed special advocates.

CASA Advocates striking a pose!

Our very own Tribe members, Bethany (left) and Angela (right) striking a pose


Advocates complete 30 hours of pre-service training and an extra 12 hours of in-service training annually. Through the CASA training, these individuals learn about child protection, the court systems and how to properly represent a child in foster care. This may seem like work but the real work begins when an advocate is placed with a foster child. Many of the situations that the child comes from are full of abuse, neglect and uncertainty. These advocates commit to a volunteer experience that requires their time and energy into being the voice that a foster child needs.

Captain America's successor getting warmed up for the race


It seems all too fitting to have a Superhero themed race representing an organization that gives back to the community because each advocate is a hero. A hero for each and every child that faces challenges no one should have to face alone. This year marked the 4th annual Superhero Race and Giving Bracelets looks forward not only more races but also continuing to make products that give back to CASA for Children.

The Tribe getting excited for CASA's cause

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