A Dynamic Duo of Giving Back

A Dynamic Duo of Giving Back

Picture of the Giving Bracelets Tribe at the Center

The Giving Bracelets Tribe


During our volunteer time, we were able to connect with children who’ve experienced personal hardships and create something beautiful together. From the moment we stepped into the center, we were blown away by the children's’ energy and curiosity! Despite their challenging past experiences, they were excited, engaged and joyful.

The Child Crisis Center is currently the Valley's only emergency children's shelter for those who have been subjected to neglect and abuse. Through their unshakable commitment, the Center provides programs for foster care/adoption, counseling, home visitation programs and much more. Their mission is to provide Arizona’s children a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect, by creating strong and successful families.

[it also gives us the privilege to serve others...and reminds us to be grateful]

Giving Bracelets is committed to volunteering experiences like these because our business is fueled by a passion to help children prosper. But volunteer events aren’t annual for the Giving Bracelets Tribe, they’re monthly. It’s all too easy for a business to lose sight of their core mission, which for us, is giving back. Not only does it keep us focused but it also gives us the privilege to serve others, to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and reminds us to be grateful for what we have.

How Can You Get Involved? You and your team can volunteer time, host an event, donate a car or donate money. A $25 donation will provide a whole day of nutritious meals for a child, $75 will provide an hour of medical care, $250 will provide 24 hours of shelter and service to a child.

Give a little, gain a lot!

Follow Child Crisis on Insta: @childcrisisaz

Learn more: http://childcrisisaz.org/



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