Giving Back Never Felt So Good

Giving Back Never Felt So Good

School’s out and the days are long. So why not sprinkle your summer with volunteering in between those lazy days by the pool and family vacations?  We’re here to make the process of finding ways to give back even easier. Below are some great ways to get involved in your local community:

Art Project

 Boys and Girls Club

If you’re the social type that enjoys building relationships, this opportunity could be perfect for you. This organization focuses on creating an environment where children can receive guidance to help build good character. Whether you’re helping complete an art project or are just getting to know a child, he/she is one step closer to a brighter future.


Animal Shelter

Calling all animal lovers! There are so many working parts to an animal shelter and no such thing as too many volunteers. You could work directly with the animals, help coordinate special events or even be a summer camp counselor. You’ll be giving back to your local community while seeing cute dogs all day long, need I say more?


Soup Kitchen

Chop the veggies, toss them into the pan and sprinkle some love on it. Volunteering in a soup kitchen can range from a chef-like experience to simply filling someone’s plate with a smile. Many people are in a transitional living program and your interaction with them could make their day a little easier.

Habitat for Humanity

Whether you’re working solo, a group of friends or are part of a faith group, Habitat for Humanity has projects for you to help their vision come true: “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.” You and your friends will paint, hammer and construct the day away while knowing that you’re making not just a house, but a home.

zoo photo

The Zoo

This is a great volunteer outlet for those who are passionate about wildlife and nature conservation. Zoos are a great place to work right beside animal keepers and to be a part of the behind-the-scenes adventures. You’ll be able to learn about the animal kingdom while raising awareness for environmentally focused causes. It’ll be roaring fun!


Some sites to find your summer volunteer experience: 

Volunteer Match

Catch a Fire

Simply google “volunteering in [your city]”



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