Its all about LOVE

Its all about LOVE


All one has to do is hold the rose quartz stone, with its soothing, pale pink tones to understand its allure. It is a favorite of many jewel collectors, not for its monetary value, but for its reputation around the world as the “love” stone.

Judy Hall, author of the Crystal Bible, noted “the rose quartz crystal is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace”. She goes on to add that “it is the most important crystal for healing the heart and the heart chakra”.


 The Appeal of The Rose Quartz:


It is believed that rose quartz can engage a person’s heart chakra and allow them to not only attract true love, but to heal from a broken heart, and to love themselves more deeply.

Rose quartz has been used by healers for many years due to its noted emotional healing powers. Keith Birch of KSC Crystals notes, “it’s a stone of both giving and  receiving love”. It is believed that the calming effects of the rose quartz can soothe young children to sleep more restfully.


Emotional Healing

The Rose quartz is associated with all the properties of high-vibrational love energy,” says Kelsey Patel, reiki healer and founder of Majik Vibes. She notes that, “the stone’s molecules are said to vibrate at an energetic frequency of 350Hz and that when you make contact with this frequency, it’s thought to “elevate and harmonize” your heart chakra,”


Its All In the Legend

Research tells us that the rose quartz has a history which dates back to 600 B.C. This stone has long been honored in Tibetan and Chinese cultures and it is still one of the most popular stones for prayer and meditation.  You can also read about its allure in Greek mythology involving Adonis, the God of Beauty and Desire.


How to Attract a Mate with Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is said to be a helpful tool when manifesting or meditating when holding it in your hand while setting your intentions.  For those who are sensitive, the stone may feel as if it is getting warmer with a sensation of energy emitting from the stone.  You can also try placing a rose quartz under your pillow at night to gain clarity, harmony, and to improve matters of the heart.


Patel recommends “You can wear rose quartz in jewelry to open up the loving energy that already exists within you.”


The rose quartz quite simply gives us an emotional sense of well being.  It is believed that its soothing energy can help us to relax and to see the simple beauty in the world and within ourselves.

Regardless if the rose quartz actually draws true love our way in a mate. There is a very powerful component of attracting true love, which is to deeply love ourselves.  If ancient mythology is correct, this beautiful little stone may help us to do just that.                                        






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