Meet our Makers!

Meet our Makers!

Many of you who follow us here at Giving Bracelets, know that our mission is about giving back to foster youth and homeless children programs. But what many don't know, is that we whole-heartedly try to incorporate that into every aspect of our business. 

This includes the foundation of our bracelets -- the leather. 

In early 2018, we started working with a team of retired seniors to assist us in the cutting, gluing, and processing of our leather. This provides them with part time work they can do from the comfort of their home and with our current Stay at Home mandate this has been something that not only keeps our seniors active but most important healthy!

Harry (86) and Shirley (82) a retired husband and wife now living in sunny Arizona, are two of our dedicated team members. Harry was previously a steel worker and Shirley worked in retail as a stocking merchandiser.

Together, they meticulously apply our non-toxic, water-based adhesive to each individual piece of leather. The leather then moves on to our teams in Arizona and Hawaii for the final touches of being turned into the bracelets you see on our website and in our stores. 

Harry and Shirley love working with their hands and knowing that their hard work helps foster youth in their community. They are so grateful to be working with us and love earning extra cash to their fixed income!

It's our hope we keep supporting our Seniors as well 600,000 plus children going through the foster care system in the US.

We sincerely thank you for purchasing our bracelets! 
With Gratitude,
Lesa Sawyer

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