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    Sizing your Giving Bracelet
    Sizing your Giving Bracelet


    Inspired by memories, hand-poured with passion.

    Our 100% soy wax candles in concrete vessels will become one of your must-have home accessories.

    Modern, Minimal, Clean, Sustainable.

    Woodland Scent notes: AMBER | BLACK BIRCH | LILY OF THE VALLEY | PEAR | VANILLA woodsy. soft. mysterious.11OZ

    Soiree Scent notes: FIG | CHAMPAGNE | BLACKBERRY | IRIS fruity. bold. swanky.11OZ

    Botanist Scent notes:  SOIL | FRESH HERBS | FLOWER BUDS | EUCALYPTUS | OAKMOSS herbaceous. natural. refreshing.11OZ

    Rind Scent notes: ORANGE ZEST | VETIVER | BERGAMOT | PEPPERCORN citrus. spicy. exotic.11OZ

    Wander Scent notes: SANDALWOOD | CEDAR | MUSK | PATCHOULI earthy. smoldering. bohemian.11OZ


    The foundation of our business is giving back and making the world a better place!  We believe through Socialpreneurship we can achieve this goal.  What are Socialpreneurs?  We are folks like you who pay attention to the world around us. We recognize a need in our community or in society as a whole and we seek out ways to feed this need while still being able to create a suntainable profitable business.  We a honored to be donating partners with CASA for Children. 


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